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One of my early big influences Is Jean Giraud most know under his two artist names: GIR, and MOEBIUS
His work is a stepping stone in the european comics industry, his style and visions are truely inspiring.
His work extends also to the movie industry, the process of using illustrators for the concept stage of the production started with him on Alexandro Jodorovsky's Dune , Alien and TRON
One of his most known and aenigmatic characters is Arzach and is the theme i choosed to make my own little tribute to the master.


|Space.... the final frontier

| To infinity and beyond...

Ive been collecting pictures around the web for almost one decade ( maybe more) Those picts are my number one inspirations when i start an new
illustration.What id like to do here is to share
those sources and give you an insight of my own little inner derelict planet ;)

So here we go with a first moodboard... about spaceships! Even if i never made one picture with a space ship as central theme( i sure will one day) The good old SciFi themes are the ones i like to dive into from time to time..
here are some masters that inspires me:


| Checkin...

My name is Pascal Blanché.
Im what we call a CG artist.
During the day i work @ UBISOFT Montreal as Art Director.
During the nights i work on more personnal creations.
Sometimes i sleep.

Here are some bits of my work ( not in particular order )