July somewhere in UK

Here's a new pict, based on my little experiment for my Artbook , about revisiting the King Arthur's mythos, with a scifi twist.
Each of these picts comes with a pitch that provides more insights on the character. this one was for Morgan:
Renegade Android last generation.Hergreed for power makes her an easy prey for the twisted Horned god. It is hard to understand Morgan’s true motivations. Most think that her inextinguishable curiosity turned into power lust,and from here her motives took a different road .Originaly created to support Merlin’s heavy task, she becames his more dreadfull ennemy. Morgan can generate illusions ( holographic projection) that are so real that they can lure the most advised man. She can change her appearance at will, once an hold hag, then a miss in distress.. she can eventually become totally invisible.