Heya guys, been a while :)
Today ill talk about more inspirations and connections...
What i like the most in Art, is to find the links that connect artists i love...

Here's a little journey on the derelict planet...
First here's a painting from John Schoenherr for Dune

and a cover from Moebius for Arzack.

Moebius being part of the preproduction on Alexandro Jodorovsky's Dune movie,
he sure got inspired by the amazing works of Schoenherr who was
Frank Herbert's official cover Artist at that time !

Another piece for Dune from John Schoenherr....

and a painting from Roger Dean for a Psygnosis box cover

another Arzack piece by Moebius...

a cover by talented Paul Lehr...

...mix them together and you get....
some of the inspirations for the first Miyazaki's masterpiece: Nausicaa :)

2 commentaires:

  1. it's called growing up ;)
    i felt the same when i saw those drawing too when i was younger... felt attracted and felt they where weird in the same time ;)

  2. Great post! look this one: its mine.


    PS: (i love your work, Pascal!)