Makoto Kobayashi is an amazing japanese designer, illustrator and model kit Creator.
He is famous in japan for the designs in the Gundam Series, and collaborated in many japanese masterpieces such as Giant ROBO, Battleship Yamato, Samourai 7, Venus Wars.. and worked on videogames too: Armored Core, Lost Odyssey...
His unique sense of shapes and mecha designs are @ the core of some other Japanese masters inspirations like Katsuhiro Otomo ( Akira), Ayaho Miyasaki (specially in Nausicaa) and Masumune Shirow ( Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell) He also created a serie of magazines called Hyper weapon, from 2001 to 2011... a must have!

oh yes.. looks like he is fan of Moebius as well ;)...

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